Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free Pillow Protector

It's allergy season and it's always great to have tools at hand to help prevent allergens from affecting you and your family. One of these tools could be a pillow protector. Go on over the website via the image below and fill out the form.The only catch is, they don't want you to send one to yourself, but rather to a friend. Here's what they say:

Courtesy of the website:

1) You cannot send a pillow protector to yourself
2) You cannot send more than one pillow protector to the same friend. You can, however, send one pillow protector to as many different friends as you like.
3) Don't forget to share with your friends, so they can send you a pillow protector, too!

It's great that they'd like for us to be the thoughtful creatures that we all are.....but.....how would they know if your "friend" is actually your friend and not you?....

I sent one to my husband. He's my friend. My best friend, actually.


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