Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Superpoints: My New Favorite Place To Earn Prizes

I have a bone to pick with many of the survey companies out there. They're constantly bombarding my inbox with survey invites but I take these "surveys" only to find that I don't qualify for the real survey. It gets frustrating and earning points is as elusive to me as ever. I spend so much time answering pages and pages of qualifying questions only to find that I'm not really qualified to take the real survey.

So I set out to find a website that allows me to earn points quickly without the hassle of getting let down. That's when I came across Superpoints. When you join Superpoints, you earn points by doing what you already do when you're online. You search websites, answer polls, and shop. SO easy. The best part is, there is a feature called the Super Lucky Button that awards you free points when clicked. They also send you Superpoints emails that randomly award you a certain amount of points--all for just being a member. 

Speaking of being a member, you can only become a member through invite only. So if you're interested in joining to obtain great rewards easily, you can simply click on the Super Lucky button below to sign up. Sign up is super fast and simple and you earn points just by joining. What a great way to start, right? The site is really generous about awarding points as well. Points pile up quickly when you play with the different features. 

If you're like me and like to earn rewards by doing what you already do online, you should definitely consider joining this wonderful site. It's not often rave about rewards sites, but this one so far is fun and enjoyable. 

Get started now by clicking on the image. If you join, I can't wait to start earning rewards with you!


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