Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank You, Mr. Seller

My husband and I just moved into our new home about 3 months ago, and we're still in the process of furnishing it. A lot of the things that we've purchased have been second-hand, but nearly new. Just recently, we have been on the hunt for the perfect coffee table. Craigslist has proven to offer the best deals so far, so we decided to start our search there. We went through a few listings and finally narrowed down a few. After emailing them and working out some deals, we decided on one. It was THE coffee table that we've been wanting and it was listed for $50. Still a steal considering that the retail price is actually $200!

We settle on a date and time and was on our happy way to retrieve it. Once there, the guy opens his garage door and carries this wonderful piece of furniture into our presence. I noticed how soft spoken and smiley he was, which immediately put both my husband and I at ease. It's always risky purchasing from Craigslist so it was great that he was so helpful.

The coffee table turned out to be a little bigger than expected and didn't quite fit into the only car that we had. The seller happily got out his screw driver and helped us take the legs off so it would fit nicely in the back seat. Once we had it comfortably sitting in the car, my husband pulls out his wallet to give him the$50 for the table. The guy looks at him and says, "It's okay, buddy. If you're going to put this table to good use, I don't mind you having it for free."

Both my husband and I looked at each other in shock. He later explained that he loved the table and valued it very much, but didn't have anymore use for it. He wanted to hand it over to someone who was genuinely looking to put it to good use in their home and not to someone who planned on reselling it. We reassured him that our home will be much brighter with this table in it and he smiled and said thanked us.

We left his place feeling happier than ever and even more so, touched. Here we have in our presence, a table whose owner valued very much, and we get to carry on those memories for him. In a snap, my faith and hope in the goodness of all things was restored. Now, a coffee table happily sits in our living room, holding up the very laptop that I am typing this story on. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll be able to pass this on to someone else with the same intentions is the seller who gave it to us.

This may be an insignificant story, but it was worth the effort in telling it. It has reminded me that the little things can matter as much as the bigger things in life and shouldn't go unnoticed.

So thank you, Mr. Seller, sir. Your kindness is much appreciated and will never be forgotten...


Suburban Style Challenge said...

This isn't an insignificant story at all! It's a wonderful, heartwarming story about a generous man who went out of his way to help you and your husband out, and in doing so, put a little glimmer of hope in the rest of us who you shared it with. What a wonderful thing for him to do! May his memory-filled coffee table bring you wonderful times, and, when the time comes for you to pass along a favor, I'm sure you won't forget his!

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