Saturday, June 9, 2012

Five Finger Tees Review: "I Bought This Shirt Next Week"

My husband is a huge fan of wearing t-shirts. Even more so, he has a bigger thing for wearing humorous t-shirts. It's so amusing to see him pick out his t-shirts when we go shopping because I watch him laugh to himself as he reads the contents of a geeky t-shirt. So, when I told him that we've been given a chance to try out a t-shirt from his eyes immediately popped wide open. Honestly, I could've easily taken the opportunity and chosen a t-shirt for myself but, I know how my husband is about his t-shirts so I  decided to let him sit and choose which one he was going to wear for review.

As we're scrolling through the site, I couldn't help but notice how excited my husband was....I couldn't blame him. I almost regretted the fact that I handed over this opportunity to him. Five Finger Tees had an array of selections to choose from. I absolutely loved how easy it was to navigate their website. They had their categories lined up neatly to the left hand side of the page. Of course, my husband goes directly to "funny" category. As he scrolls through each t-shirt, his eyes land on the "next week" shirt. The quote on the shirt said, "I bought this shirt next week". If any of you know of the Back to the Future movie series, you'll understand what this means. That was it. He pointed at the screen, looked over at me, and that's all he had to do....

A week later, he received his shirt in the exact same color (navy blue) that's pictured above. The photo does justice to how clear the print was on the shirt, which is great because you'll know exactly what you're getting when you're shopping on their site. They offer this shirt in women's as well and their largest size goes up to 3XL. Every size except for 3XL is available in both men and women's.

My husband waited to wear his shirt on a weekend when he's out and about. When the weekend came, he enthusiastically put on his new shirt (yes, like a little boy) and went about his daily activities. At the end of the day, his verdict was in. He explained to me that the material is nice and soft and it was easy for him to move around in. He's so picky about his shirts (and rightfully so) because aside from his obsession with funny quotes, comfort trumps all else. This shirt was comfortable, light, and is well suited to his body. He's a men's small/medium, but the small fit him wonderfully. He said he's definitely going back to the site to get more.

I really appreciate the fact that I ( husband) was able to receive this shirt for review because not only does Five Finger Tees offer good quality shirts that fit well, but their prices are absolutely amazing as well. A lot of their shirts are only $10.00, and as if that's not already a steal, they have a $6.00 t-shirt category. It's a great site for all of your gifting needs. I'm really quite sure that there are enough categories to suit anyone's interest. If you haven't already, you must head on over to check out their site. You might even get as excited as my husband here:

Yes. That's my husband with his Back To The Future shirt on.....watching Back To The Future. This is his, "One point twenty-one gigawatts" face. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is all choice....and I couldn't love him more.....


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